The Vision

Founded on God's Word, we will offer the most professional God centered training in all major dance styles. We will offer a nurturing atmosphere for children and teens which stretches them to new levels in their Christian faith, character development, and dance skill. We will use our dance to glorify the Lord through ministry opportunities to both believers and the unsaved.  We will take Christ-focused dance into the dance community to share our faith and extend friendship to other fellow dancers.

The Movement

Instead of following the world's example in the arts, we believe God's people should be leading the way in excellence!  In addition to providing recreational classes, Dove Dance has the capability to train students in all major dance styles to a professional level.  Our movements, music, and costuming are always fashioned in a manner that would be honorable to the Lord. Dove Dance is the only Christian dance school in Oklahoma under the direction of a DMA certified professional.


The Message

God alone is worthy to be praised and dance was created to bring honor to the Lord. At Dove Dance we teach that dance is a gift from the Lord and that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. God created dance as a powerful expression of our love to Him. Whether the style is upbeat in a jazz routine or a slow lyrical piece, our focus is glorifying the Lord.

The Ministry

In Luke 3:22, the Holy Spirit ascended upon Jesus in the form of a dove. After this, Jesus began his amazing ministry to others. At Dove Dance, our desire is for the Holy Spirit to use us to bring salvation,encouragement, and healing to our audiences. Equally important, we pray God will minister to our students as they learn to become true worshippers.