A Letter From Daphne:

As a shy child, my parents made it their goal to find something I enjoyed.  The first time I went to dance class, I knew this was a form of expression that freed my spirit in a way I had never experienced!  With the support of my parents and teachers, my knowledge and respect for the art of dance deepened.  A passion for God and dance came together as a teenager when I committed my life to Jesus and gave Him all I had, including my dance.  

Since that time, I have followed the calling to share dance with others who desire to express their love to the Lord through this powerful language.  At Dove Dance, the quality of dance training is not compromised in exchange for strong spiritual content.  Instead, one compliments the other.  We are dedicated in serving our students at each age and level.  Thank you for your inquiry. We hope you will consider becoming a part of our school.



Daphne Tardibono